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Blending perfectly with the architecture, a conservatory may seem like a relatively minor addition, it can actually be the making of your house, a room of great beauty, a special place which offers a completely new dimension.


Our experience and intuition will combine with your vision to create a home you wish you’d had years ago


Why wait any longer? There has never been a better time to find the conservatory that perfectly matches both the design of your house, and your lifestyle.


Conservatories are a very fashionable cost-effective choice for many homeowners looking to add permanent living space to their home.


A conservatory is a fast, simple and cost-effective route to extending your home often without the need for planning permission. Combining a high specification conservatory with a glass roof will provide a quality home extension that can be utilised throughout the year at a fraction of the price of a brick built extension.


Gone are the days when your imagination was restrained by a lack of choice. Today there is a conservatory to match your most detailed dream and once the dreams start to become a reality you can rest assured that your vision will be built on solid foundations.


New advances in manufacturing technology will guarantee strength and durability while complementing the carefully-considered design lines of your personal conservatory creation.


MS Group Conservatories Wirral guarantee high quality and performance of the highest standards with all work done by our highly dedicated team who are at hand to offer you an unparalleled service in the way of design and construction.

Edwardian Conservatories Wirral


Edwardian (or Georgian) conservatories are quite similar in style to the Victorian, and also feature an apexed roof.


However the main difference is that Edwardian conservatories are square or rectangular on plan, so they have a flat front (compared to the Victorian angle front).


Victorian Conservatories Wirral


Victorian conservatories are one of the most popular styles of conservatory in Scotland, and the Victorian style complements most types of property.


Victorian conservatories are popular in Glasgow, which

has some of the finest Victorian architecture in the country.

Gable End Conservatories Wirral


The Gable (or Gable-End) conservatory style features a square floor plan but with a vertical front roof.


This combination lends Gable conservatories a feeling of extra space and presence, works well with older properties.

Lean-to Conservatories Wirral


Lean To conservatories have a square or rectangular plan – like the Edwardian – but feature a sloped roof attached to one of the walls of the house.


Because of their modern, functional appearance they are suitable for a wide range of modern properties.

P-Shaped Conservatories Wirral


P shaped conservatories are so called because they have a P shaped plan with an apexed roof.


P shaped conservatories are sometimes called Combination conservatories due to the fact that they allow you to combine two different styles of conservatory.

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The style and shape of your conservatory will depend largely on the type of building you already have, your building location and any local building restrictions there may be, as well as the shape of your home.

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